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Hitman: Absolution: Simplistic and Reimagined Covers

I looked at the covers for the other Hitman games and all of them including absolution are insanely generic (to the series that is). So here’s a generic cover. I also didn’t have the best time with this game, so I guess I won’t be playing the previous games.

Portal Series: Simplistic and Reimagined Covers (retouched)

I felt dissatisfied with the first set of Portal covers so I retouched them. I didn’t change the simplistic cover for the first Portal though.

Call of Duty Series: Simplistic and Reimagined Cover

Because I am not a hardcore fan, I have trouble telling the difference between the call of duty games. After some effort, I finally distinguished the games by subseries, but not each game separately. So I just made covers for each subseries. :D

I’ll make covers for Ghosts and Advanced Warfare in due time.
One more thing: I did not realize until making these covers that the Call of Duty font is Impact.

I want

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  • A ukulele
  • A good camera
  • Unlimited texting plan iMessage and Pinger suffices
  • An Xbox360 with the games Halo 3, Halo ODST, Halo Reach, and Portal 2 along with time to play the games.


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I think it’s pretty standard for my house to have
either milk or cereal
either Nutella or bread
either salsa or chips
either gravy or mashed potatoes
I don’t even know how one vanishes before the other one shows up. like… who eats Nutella without bread???? or chips without dip??? or cereal without milk????

Portal Series: Simplistic and Reimagined Game Covers

This series has been through a lot despite having only two games. It’s just got a lot of symbolism in it.

Indie Game Trio: Simplistic and Reimagined Game Covers

Fez, Super Meat Boy, and Braid. As common in the indie game genre, this is the most diverse group of games in the world.

Fez was wonderful. Exploration, puzzle solving, beautiful unique environment. It was all there.

Braid was good too, pleasing art style, unique and fun game mechanic, interesting story.

But Super Meat Boy was HELLA hard. I couldn’t get past the second world. Also a very strange sense of humor. It was really cute tho.

I also believe that this is the first (official) game each of the respective companies made. I think Number None Inc. was “founded” after Jon Blow finished the game cuz there was no mention of it in the actual game. Team Meat had a bunch of flash games. And Polytron Co. has a bunch of unreleased games.

Anyhow, the movie, Indie Game, was also really good. I recommend watching it.

Day 9 Pt2-Day 11: Victoria and final days at sea

Day 9 Pt1: Victoria

Our last stop was actually not in Alaska, but in Canada! I didn’t take any pictures of the days in between cuz we were just at sea.. :P

Day 6: Skagway

So in the 6th picture (the one with all the ice creams), our waiter was tired of us ordering desert multiple times. Supposedly, we would order and he would go stand in the line of waiters to get food for us. But then after we were finished with our dessert (or not) we would order again, saying we wanted more dessert, so then he would have to stand in line again. So that day was smart and brought us hella ice cream that we didn’t order, but predicted that we would eventually order and that actually saved him a few trips to the waiter line.

Also, the last four photos are from the next photoset.. It’s just that I didn’t take enough pictures in Skagway and took too many at the next location.