Louder Than Words

Louder Than Words Hi! My name is Brian. I'm a sophomore at UCSC. This is my tumblog!

Up We Go by LIGHTS
♪ Everyone here is ready to go, it’s been a hard year and I only know from down this low, it’s only up we go ♫

Up All Night by Owl City
♪ I just can’t get you off my mind and now I’m gonna be up all night ♫

Is this real??????

it IS real.

Tomb Raider: Simplistic and Reimagined Game Covers

Very good game. And I think it’s a very good rebooted version of Lara Croft’s character too.

Fixing my Webcam

So I got this computer (HP Pavilion dv6) a little over three years ago. Shortly after getting it, the webcam and microphone broke. After several efforts of trying to fix it, I gave up. Since this was a refurbished computer, I dismissed it as a consequence for getting a used computer and used a plug-in webcam and a plug-in headset with a microphone even though one of the reasons I bought this computer was because it had a built in webcam and microphone (the laptop before that didn’t have those things).

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Take Me Home (ft. Bebe Rexha)
Cash Cash

Take Me Home by Cash Cash (feat. Bebe Rexha)
♪ I still stay ‘cause you’re the only thing I know, so won’t you take me home ♫

The Plan: Simplistic and Reimagined Game Covers

I had an idea similar to this, but it was with a mosquito. As usual, someone beat me to it.

Time Machine by Jason Chen
♪ If I only had a time machine, I would take you back to the moment that you fell in love with me, you’d stay there forever ♫

Deadpool: Simplistic and Reimagined Game Covers

RED! Being a largely humorous and ridiculous game, a lot of custom covers display just that. But I wanted to stick to Deadpool’s “badass” image as well as the comic book style.