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Louder Than Words Hi! My name is Brian. I'm a sophomore at UCSC. This is my tumblog!

So this is my VMC group project that I completed this past week. The assignment was to create a billboard and flier advertisement for a product with a new logo, slogan, etc. Ads could be created with photos, or designs. Each class period did a different product and the best group would receive extra credit (to keep a competitive environment). We also had to create a powerpoint explaining the ads. I grouped up with Sarah, Julian, Ranice, Terri.

So I did all the designing. Not entirely, others pitched in ideas, opinions, and feedback, but since none of them knew how to design, I was the one behind the mouse and keyboard. On presentation day, Sarah and Julian were gone for Hawaii choice trip. So it was just three of us. On Friday, Ms. Stavis announced the winner. She said that our period had the best outcomes from all the other period and she had such a hard time choosing between the groups that she chose two. “Then she said, the first group I really liked was Ranice’s group.” Terri Ranice and I were shocked. 30 minutes later we were still shocked. Ms. Stavis said it was because we were so specific about our ad. In reality, we were just coming up with random things about the most random parts of our ad to fill up powerpoint space and presentation time. The other group was Richard’s group. Richard was completely unphased as if he expected to win. I mean, he is a friggen genius. But I really thought Ksenia’s group would win. They had legit photography and they even designed a real cup. We did the bare minimum.

I’m still suprised we won.

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